Online Survival Guide While Visiting a Casino

Over the years, a casino gaming has always been a sensitive topic because we're talking about real money. Real money that we spend countless months to save but sometimes only takes us 1 day to lose. Sometimes we hear Atlantic City or Las Vegas and automatically think about people not being able to think on their right minds. And the thing is, it's not like that always.

For both novice and an experienced player, here are some yes and not do's while spending time in a casino night either alone or with your friends:

•Bankroll: a gambling bankroll is like a bank where we save our money whether is for Poker, Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, Slot Machine, or other games in a gambling house. This means that our life savings are separate from our gamble savings. This trick will not only help us have money for games, it also means that if we lose the money, it wouldn't hurt as much because we know that this is what your cash is for.

•Keep track of the results: we all know in probability and statistics that there's a perfect strategy to win a particular game when it comes to gambling. A fact and the reason why most people get hooked. Guesses are our best weapon. Money is what's at stake. We don't just go in a casino club and play games but we also have to keep track of what's happening whether we're good at this particular game or if our strategy is not good for example in Keno compared to Black Jack. We should stick to a game we're good at and play always the same method; this is what a professional player does compared to an amateur. It can be useful to track our progresses down in order to have a written report on how we are playing. Managing a gambling diary is the only thing and the only tool that leads you from 100% losses to at least 70% of success!

•Drink moderately: It's okay to be drunk on a Saturday night, it's okay to be drunk on your girlfriend's birthday, and it's also okay to be drunk without a reason at all. Alcohol is not a bad thing itself, but it's not a good choice to be too much drunk in a casino. It's better to play with at least a few soberness inside of us. We have to always remember that our money is what's at stake. Majority of drunk people almost never makes the right decisions and this is probably what leads those people to a doom of senses and therefore losing their money.

•Trust On No One: I guess this is applicable to everything but this should be a highlighted idea in our heads every time we're gambling. Self-explanatory is the name of the game.

•Honesty is the Best Policy: I don't actually live to this principle but I just want to point out that surveillance cameras are everywhere in a gambling house. Technology is advancing at a rate faster than sound and light. It's never "no one saw us", especially with real money as the biggest factor. Some authorized personnel can throw you out of the house if you choose the road of lying when they know the truth. It's better to stay away from games we know we can cheat in a casino, no one except of us knows us better than ourselves hence we should do our homework before laying our hands on any of the gambling games shown in the casino.

•Identification Card: The most essential thing to bring in a casino is an ID. Maybe this is a cliche topic but they can ask you to leave if you're not bringing any, no matter how old you look like. This is essential because underage gambling has been a trend to some in this generation. Also, some prizes can't be collected without ID. So you'd better bring it in your wallet along with your money you are planning to spend.

•Try Every Game: This is the only trick for us to find out the right game suited for us. We can try everything since we're in a Casino already so why not, right? It's okay as long as in the end we end sticking with the ones we're good at along with the open gambling diary of course.

•Choose the Right Game: Choosing the right game to play is what makes or breaks our money. The real satisfying feeling is always on playing and not on winning. In the end, we have to come up with the realization of what kind of gambling are we good at. Are we better with 3 choices? 5? 80? Different people are great with different things, just because your friend is a constant winner at craps, doesn't mean you will be too. So manage a gambling diary, write down every few steps you made whether is at the poker table or around the blackjack table, even when you are spinning down the slot machine.

It's already 2014 and Casino is still one of the biggest earning industry in the world, so in conclusion: most people like regularly thrills in their life and if it is seasoned with gambling inside, the better.

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