Gettysburg Today

Susan Paddock, the chair of the No Casino Gettysburg movement, along with the group is at Gettysburg today, is yet getting ready to face another fight with the man whose plan she and other opponents had successfully derailed three years ago.

According to them, the new proposed site on Emmitsburg Road is even a worse location for a casino. The Eisenhower complex is only one-half mile from an even more significant portion of the Gettysburg National Military Park, and is the most significant, most visited part of the battlefield.

Gettysburg businessman David LeVan had announced some time ago that he and his partner, Joseph Lashinger, can secure a Category 3 gaming license and wanted to purchase the 100-acre property and operate part of it as a casino. Slot machines were definitely part of the plan, with table games a further possibility depending on state gaming-law amendments. LeVan spokesman, Jeff Klein, declined to comment on Paddock's criticism.

In her effort to quickly revive the No Casino Gettysburg group, Paddock said she created a Facebook group page for those opposed to LeVan's new plan. More than 1,200 people have joined since last week. A new Web site for the group at has also been created. The supporters of the No Casino Gettysburg movement are being encouraged to contact their legislators in order to express opposition to LeVan's proposal.

The present situation in Gettysburg is that most of the people who were against the casino last time are totally against it this time too. The e-mails are just started pouring in. People are wondering that with so many gambling casinos online, what is the rush to build a casino at Gettysburg? Why not make another online casino?