No Casino Gettysburg Movement

The town of Gettysburg is the ground for one of the most famous and bloody battles in US military history. With around 7000 men losing their lives here, it is a turning point in the Civil War. A quiet town in Pennsylvania, which is visited by almost two million people every year, is getting geared up for another battle- battle against the casino. Read on to get all information on No Casino Gettysburg movement, which is the prime focus of this page.

Relating to the preservation of the battlefield itself, the two sides are in conflict over a plan to build a casino on the outskirts of the town. Those who favor the building of the casino say that it will bring the much-needed jobs, while boosting the tax base. And those against say it will weaken the integrity of the battlefield location. Building the casino here would effectively desecrate the hallowed ground, according to some.

No Casino Gettysburg movement has divided the people of Gettysburg with campaign groups forming on both sides to make their case. Supporters of the project believe that the casino would help the tax base by bringing more people to Gettysburg and draw more attention to this town. It’s time to get real, as they say and help make a decent living.

But those who oppose the casino say that Gettysburg is the most well-known and most visited American battlefield. With the building of the casino there, it would be known as a casino town and no longer by this authentic, historic small town.

The proposed $300m Crossroads Gaming Resort and Spa will be located at least one-and-a-half miles from the site of the battle and will not be visible from the highest point of the battlefield.. Creating more than 900 permanent, full-time jobs, the proposed slot-machine casino would have no gaming tables.

Some locals who support the casino say that the town needs to do more to persuade the visitors to stay longer. They believe that the battlefield and the casino will provide business for each other and the two can coexist. Bringing in visitors, the casino can bring jobs and help both sites.

The Civil War Preservation Trust, a non-profit group, is also opposed to the idea of building a casino near this historic town. Naming Gettysburg as one of the country's "most endangered" Civil War battlefields, it believes that having a casino here will only "degrade the sacrifice made by so many on that field".

The above article about No Casino Gettysburg movement clearly reflects that there is a growing dispute over the matter.